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Mark 6:31 Hebrews 10:24

I was sitting in a small group Bible study when the women had an opportunity to share their testimony, how and when they became a Christian. As we traveled around the circle of nine ladies of varied ages and backgrounds, a common theme began to reveal itself. At least half of the women mentioned a church camp experience as a pivotal moment in their relationship with Christ. Camp changes lives and here’s why.

  1. Shared Memories – Camp is an experience that sticks with you for life. I was eating lunch with my best friend, Debra, when a stranger crossed the room and stood at our table. Suddenly exclamations of surprise and joy, giant hugs and memories of s’mores and songs and goofy skits were spilling out one over the other. As kids, Debra and Melanie lived in separate towns but every summer they would meet at church camp. Twenty years later, they were still cracking up about some crazy counselor and a shaving cream party. Camp kids have a blast zip lining, blobbing, watching hilarious skits and making lifelong friends.

  2. Life Transformation – Church camp can be one of the most transformative weeks of your child's spiritual life. Every teaching session, worship song, small group and evening activity is specifically geared toward revealing one theme – Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. Not only do kids get to know Jesus personally, but they’re also challenged in a way they wouldn’t be at home in their normal setting. My friend, Marco, was terrified of heights and the zip line seemed daunting on the first day of camp. With the encouragement and prayer from his small group and counselor, God helped Marco face his fear to do what felt impossible, launch himself into the unknown. By the last day he was zipping repeatedly, laughing and screaming with joy the whole time. The entire camp experience reveals who God is and who kids are in Christ.

  3. Spiritual Growth – Something amazing happens when you pluck a child out of their regular routine and get them alone with God and His creation for a few days. Not only do kids meet Jesus for the first time, but they dive into the deep end of their relationship with God. Kids listen attentively to age-appropriate and engaging lessons. They actively participate in small group discussions. They worship beautifully and freely. The seeds of spiritual fruit blossom like at crazy at camp and it’s a catalyst of growth that continues throughout the year.

Summer camp options are endless; don’t miss an opportunity to put church camp at the top of your list. This awesome experience of intentional discipleship is powerful in a young life. The late nights and sunny days are a one-of-a kind experience that your kids will carry for them forever.

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For those in the area of Central Bible Church in Fort Worth, Texas, the church is offering camp June 20-24, 2024 at Forest Glen Camp in Huntsville, with one camp for elementary students and one for junior high and high school students. Follow the links to learn more.

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Stephanie Thomas is the Children's Minister at Central Bible Church.