Christians are strangers in this world and, therefore, don’t look like this world. Our alien disposition can invite suffering, the consequence of being aligned with Jesus rather than our culture. In his letter to a church under pressure, the Apostle Peter encourages God’s people to live surprising, Christ-centered, and Kingdom-oriented lives as they look forward to the glory to come. Through this important book, the church today is reminded that we are not of this world and must look, live, and long for a life that is “higher up.”

This message from the “Higher Up” sermon series focuses on 1 Peter 4:12-19 and the Core Competency of Faithfulness.

Takeaway: When you suffer because of your faith—or simply because you live in a broken world—don’t be surprised, rejoice in the pain, make sure it’s for the right reason, have a long-term perspective and trust God.

Download The Scrolls Bible study for this passage of Scripture below:

A Manual for Suffering | The Scrolls | May 26, 2024

About the Author

Dr. David Daniels (D. Min. Dallas Theological Seminary, M. Div. Denver Seminary) is Lead Pastor of Central Bible Church and author of Next Step Church, Next Step Discipleship, Next Step JournalWonder, and An Unexpected King.