A Day with Jesus

by Tranece Harris on

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Jeremiah 1:9

Have you ever desired to do something but lacked inspiration? I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “writers block.” The nudge to share a part of my testimony sat on my heart for over a year, but I struggled to find the right words to tell the story well. Several times, I attempted to write it out, but I would either get distracted or simply give up due to frustration.

One Monday morning, during my one-on-one meeting with my supervisor, Benjamin, he asked me a question I had never pondered before: “Have you ever taken a day off, just to spend time with Jesus?”

After a long pause to recover from the shock of the inquiry and the sting of reality, I quietly whispered, “Never.” Benjamin charged me with finding a day to take off from work to do nothing but spend the day with Jesus. The rules included no work, no schoolwork, and no doing anything for my husband or my kids. One of my colleagues blessed me with a pass to the Dallas Arboretum.

It felt so strange to slow down. Perfect weather and no large crowds or long lines made it an enjoyable experience. Without all the interruptions and distractions, I could hear myself think. The stress of finding the right words instantly lifted from my shoulders as I realized the burden never belonged to me. I had an epiphany and understood that I serve as the co-author and God holds the title of author. After all, God didn’t give me my testimony for me. Glorying God and blessing others remained the nucleus.

I decided to go to the Lord in prayer. I needed divine inspiration—the kind that only comes from spending time with Jesus and abiding in His presence.

Then the Lord reached out his hand and touched my mouth and said to me, “I will most assuredly give you the words you are to speak for me.” —Jeremiah 1:9, NET

As I sat gazing at the beautiful flowers and feeling the soft breeze brush past my face, words flooded my brain. My day with Jesus provided me with the inspiration I so desperately longed for. I immediately started writing the words the Lord gave me, and soon I produced a piece that expressed just what I felt the Holy Spirit led me to say. 

The next time you find yourself lacking inspiration, make time to spend a day with Jesus.

About the Author

Tranece Harris is in the last year of the M.A. in Christian Education Program at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). She serves as the president of ARISE Women Student Fellowship at DTS and works for DTS as an Admissions Counselor.