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When God Sent Bread

by Alison Dellenbaugh on

Psalm 37:25 says, "...I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.” If I was having trouble buying groceries, did that mean God didn't care?


God's Gift of Gospel Suffering

by David Daniels on

To willingly accept the likely inconveniences that come with the Gospel mission—large or small—is to embrace Christ, our suffering Savior. We are never more like Jesus than when we endure the harder thing in our attempt to make known Jesus and His Gospel.


A Time to Lament

by Jenny Black on

When was the last time you allowed yourself to sit and linger in the depths of your sorrow? When we choose to bring our pain to God instead of trying to keep it hidden, we put our confidence in his tender care to treat our wounded souls. 


The Rescue

by Matt Koceich on

When you’re thrown into a den of anxiety, trust that God has gone before you with a rescue plan. 


Build Up Your Women Teachers

by Hannah Elmore and Michelle Holmgren on

Two experienced teachers share some simple ways pastors and church leaders can mentor and elevate women teachers in their own churches.


How to Handle Difficult Theology

by David Daniels on

Keep your nose in your Bible long enough and you’ll eventually face some difficult theologies like election, divine sovereignty, the problem of evil, and the origin of sin, to name a few. So, what should you do? Several helpful principles can guide you when you have trouble coming to a clear, theological conclusion.


A Standing Ovation for the Older and Wiser

With Words of Wisdom from the Elder Generations

by Libby Slaughter on

 Our older generation has endured much with grace and a brave face and they deserve respect and attention. Their wealth of knowledge has been gained through risk, failures, successes, sweat and tears. Pull up a chair to read the collected advice of many older adults for the younger generations.


A Day with Jesus

by Tranece Harris on

Have you ever desired to do something but lacked inspiration? Consider taking a day off, just to spend time with Jesus.