Loving Our Neighbors: A 4-Week Bible Study

by Jon Rhiddlehoover on

Bible Studies 1 min read
Genesis 1:27 Mark 10:35–45

This four-lesson Bible study designed for small groups focuses on four ways we can love our neighbors better:

  • Week 1: Welcoming Neighbors with an Image of God Perspective
  • Week 2: Listening without Judgment
  • Week 3: Speaking Life-Giving Words
  • Week 4: Serving Others with Genuine Generosity

Primary Scriptures covered include Genesis 1:27, Luke 10:30-37, John 3:1-21, John 8:3-11, Matthew 6:25-33, Mark 10:35-45, and Matthew 5:16.

Download the study guide in PDF format below.

Loving Our Neighbors Bible Study Guide.pdf

For tips on leading your own study, see How to Lead a Small Group Bible Study.

About the Author

Jon Rhiddlehoover (MA in Christian Education, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) is the Lead Community Pastor at Central Bible Church and Director of the Central Storehouse food pantry.