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Doubt Is a Ladder, Not a Home

by Brad East - Christianity Today

Churches should welcome questions; that doesn’t require embracing perpetual doubt. Doubt is in vogue, and is part of our struggle, but our struggle is not the point. The point is where we are going and whom we are following. The point is that the cross is not the final destination; death is not the end. We are not doomed to wrestle and suffer and wonder forever.


When One Day Your Present Life Is Forgotten on Earth, God Will Forever Remember and Care

by Randy Alcorn - Eternal Perspective Ministries

Our brief stay here may appear insignificant, but if we spend our lives honoring Jesus and being generous, thereby storing up treasures in Heaven, our lives will have everlasting value. The Bible tells us that although others may not remember us or care what our lives here have been, God will remember perfectly, and He cares very much—so much that the door of eternity swings on the hinges of our present lives.


5 Qualities Servant Leaders Should Strive to Embody

by Jason Robinson - Outreach Magazine

The positive impact that is made when leaders become servants is powerful and life-changing for both leaders and followers. If we want to see a world where loving and serving our neighbor is at the forefront of all we do, we must lead like that. In following the example of Jesus, leaders go last.


What if It’s All True? Going Back to the Basics of Belief

by Jordan Wootten - Lifeway Research

How can we minister effectively in a culture as skeptical and disaffected as ours? When many are dizzied by the menu of truth claims and value systems at our fingertips, Jesus confronts us with the most basic, most important question: “Who do you say that I am?” Answering this leads to another important question: So what? What if it is true? What bearing does Jesus have on my life?


5 Books to Read Before Becoming a Missionary

by Emily Bennett - Christianity Today

Is God calling you to go beyond into the world for His purposes? Check out these 5 books chosen for prospective missionaries by Emily Bennett, editor of “Before You Go: Wisdom from 10 Women Who Served Internationally.”


Help! I Don’t Enjoy Reading the Old Testament

by Jason S. DeRouchie - Crossway

While the psalmist found in Old Testament Scripture a perfect law that revives the soul, right precepts that rejoice the heart, and true rules that are altogether righteous (Ps. 19:7–9), we can struggle to see how spending time in the initial three-fourths of the Christian Scriptures is really “sweeter than honey and dripping of the honeycomb” (Ps. 19:10). How can we nurture delight in the Old Testament?


Tragedy Isn't for Consumption

by Caroline Stoltzfus - The Gospel Coalition

News can help us learn, connect, and thrive as individuals and communities. But particularly when it comes to bad news, we’re wise to consider our engagement. The Christian life isn’t about being informed on every topic we encounter. It’s about being part of God’s transforming work in the world as he writes the eternal story—no matter the news of the day. Are we tuning in because we believe doing so will help us better serve Christ’s kingdom? Or has tragedy become our entertainment? 



24 Ways to Love in 2024

by Paul David Tripp -

Here is a definition of biblical love, followed by a list of ways you can apply it to any relationship in your life. Read through this list first with your evangelist hat on and consider how you might practically express ambassadorial love to your neighbors who have yet to accept the love of Christ.