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8 Risks of a 'Pick-and-Choose' Christianity

by Chuck Lawless - Outreach Magazine

Literally, “à la carte” means, “at or according to the menu”—and we’ve understood it to mean choosing what we want from a smorgasbord of options. I fear that description fits how many believers live out their Christianity, too: they pick what they want and leave the rest on the counter. Here are some dangers of that approach—dangers that might also signal if we’ve moved in this direction.


How To Be There for Those Walking Through Grief

by Aaron Earls - Lifeway Research

Those unfamiliar with grief counseling can still be a valuable listening, loving ear. And this “listening and comforting” role shouldn’t be underestimated. As one who greatly benefited from those in this role following the untimely death of my wife of 50 years, here are a few suggestions based on what was most helpful to me.


God Is Eager to Work for You

by John Piper - Desiring God

John Piper discusses what we can earn from 2 Chronicles 16:9, which says that "The eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is whole toward him.” 


Fight Good Fights

by Jen Wilkin - The Gospel Coalition Podcast

Unity matters. Christ prayed his church would be marked by it. Yet disunity among Christians abounds, and it’s not always civil in tone. With the Bible’s clear admonitions about foolish controversies and quarreling, how can we know when a fight is worth having? Jen Wilkin offers a framework for diagnosing how to pick your battles and how to conduct yourself when a battle is worth the fight.


When Faith & Art Collide

by Bill Hendricks, Guy Delcambre and Melissa Delcambre - The Table Podcats

In this episode of The Table Podcast from the Hendricks Center at Dallas Theological Seminary, Bill Hendricks hosts a discussion with Marissa and Guy Delcambre about their work at Art House Dallas and the important role that artists play in the world.