The Pastor's Calling, Care, and Commission

Excerpted from Next Step Church

by David Daniels on

These chapters are from the book Next Step Church: A Pastor's Handbook for Leading Their People Along the Pathway from Missional Living by David Daniels. This book was originally written as training material for pastors and church leaders around the globe, and has been translated into multiple languages.

Though much of the book was adapted for individual believers as Next Step Discipleship: The Christian's Handbook for Walking the Pathway to Missional Living, the first three chapters contain material that is unique to Next Step Church. While this resource has been used to train pastors outside the United States, its principles are timeless for anyone thinking about ministry.

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About the Author

Dr. David Daniels (D. Min. Dallas Theological Seminary, M. Div. Denver Seminary) is Lead Pastor of Central Bible Church and author of Next Step Church, Next Step Discipleship, Next Step JournalWonder, and An Unexpected King.