Corporate Worship

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5 Essential Pieces of Worship

by Chrissy Howard on

What is the posture of your heart in worship? Does the Lord have your focus, or are you bringing unrealistic expectations? Our worship should offer our whole thanks to God for all that He is and all that He has done.


In Defense of Old(er) Songs

by Nathan Beltran on

In my experience in worship ministry, there often seems to be an unspoken rule: stay fresh. This outlook seems to accidentally breed the idea that “newer is always better.” I’d like to humbly argue that maybe we should reconsider what we deem an “old” song.


A Tour of the Tabernacle

by David Daniels on

This message about the tabernacle focuses on Exodus 25-27, Exodus 30, Exodus 36-39, Exodus 39:32-42, and the Core Competency of Worship.