A mother of toddlers
There's no time for rest and certainly no sleeping in
Cause once they've awoken
All kinds of destruction, terror, and chaos begin

And when you blink
A hundred billion toys are on the floor
And you wonder what you even vacuumed for
If the kids will just ignore it so will I
I can see the mess from every game they've played
All their clothes are torn, all the furniture is stained
If it's fine for them to cry then so can I

If the kids sleep where they want to so will I

If they cry over their juice box so will I
If the laundry won’t stop coming I might cry
Cause I’ve washed these shirts a hundred billion times

But then you blink

And a hundred billion problems disappear
All the things that felt so huge aren’t so severe
And you start to see how quickly time sneaks by
So you cherish every moment that you get
When you laugh and in the times that you’re upset
If the kids are having fun then so will I

And remind me that their hearts belong to You

Lord, You've carried me and I know You hold them, too
You loved them first and I promise so will I

Original Song: "So Will I (100 Billion X)" by Hillsong Worship

About the Author

Nathan Beltran is the Worship Director at Central Bible Church.