1 Peter Bible Study - Lesson 10

by Johnathon Valdez on

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1 Peter 4:7–11


Scripture: 1 Peter 4:7-11

Background: Most likely written under the power of Emperor Nero around 64-67 AD. Peter is at the height of his influence in the church and he uses that influence to “shepherd the flock” that has been entrusted to him by Jesus. Peter wrote this book with the intention of encouraging believers in Jesus to persevere through the current circumstance. He also desired that the leaders would lead them well as though they are doing it for Jesus, the Chief Shepherd.

Lesson: As Peter approaches the end of his letter, he reminds the reader of God’s power in bringing all things to an end. This is not meant to inspire fear, but is a sobering reminder that God is all-powerful and His followers are to live a certain way in light of His return. Peter calmly and easily reminds Christians that they are to be self-controlled, sober-minded and ever loving, serving others with the gifts He has given them. It’s not enough to profess love of the Lord—Peter is calling us to live it out. In light of God’s “varied grace” we are to glorify God in all we do because He deserves it and is worthy of it. He also provides the strength for us to do it.

Main Point/Takeaway: In light of God’s “varied grace” we are to glorify God in all we do because He deserves it and is worthy of it.  

Questions: (These questions are suggestions designed to spur discussion. Feel free to ask others.)

1: Read 1 Peter 3:3-4:11. What sticks out to you in this passage?

            1a: Why do you think Peter says, “The end of all things is at hand?”

            1b: How does being sober-minded in v. 7 relate to 1 Peter 1:13?

2: Why do you think Peter places such strong emphasis on love in verse 8?

            2a: What does “Love covers a multitude of sins” mean?

3: What is hospitality?

            3a: What does it mean to show hospitality without grumbling?

4: What do you think Peter means when he says, “God’s varied grace”?

            4a: Is God’s grace divided?

            4b: What gifts may God have given you to administer His grace to others?

5: How does Peter say we are to go about living? v. 11

            5a: Why do we as Christians live this way?

Conclusion: We are called to live our lives in light of Jesus’ calling on our lives. That’s so easy to say and so hard to actually do. Peter gives the reader profound encouragement when he says that we live this way through the strength God provides. Peter knows that Jesus is the only way to actually live up the calling on the believer’s life. This lifestyle we are called to is only impossible when we try to achieve it on our own. Once we give into Jesus as sustainer, we are able to live this kind of life and give glory to Jesus in the process.


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Johnathon Valdez (MA in Christian Education, Dallas Theological Seminary) served for seven years as the Junior High Pastor at Central Bible Church.