1 Peter Bible Study - Lesson 2

by Johnathon Valdez on

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1 Peter 1:13–21


Scripture: 1 Peter 1:13-21

Background: Most likely written under the power of Emperor Nero around 64-67 AD. Peter is at the height of his influence in the church and he uses that influence to “shepherd the flock” that has been entrusted to him by Jesus. Peter wrote this book with the intention of encouraging believers in Jesus to persevere through the current circumstance. He also desired that the leaders would lead them well as though they are doing it for Jesus, the Chief Shepherd.

Lesson: God desires us to be holy. Once we understand the living hope that is had in Jesus’ salvation, we are called to constantly be at the ready to stand firm and defend our position in the name of God. By being ready for immediate action and in control of our minds, we can more easily place our hope fully on Jesus. Once hope and salvation are secured, it is time to hear and accept the call of holiness, which molds us into Christ’s likeness. It is not something that comes naturally, but we must constantly wage war with our bodies to not conform to the old ways because those are the ways that alienated us from God. We know that God has ransomed us from futility and desires we now live for His glory instead of our own. Unlike the former way of life, we are now living in eternity, having been bought, not with gold or silver but with the blood of Jesus.

Main Point/Takeaway: Obedience to God is the root of holiness in life.

Questions: (These questions are suggestions designed to spur discussion. Feel free to ask others.)

1: When you see the “Therefore,” what is it there for?

           1a: Why does Peter draw us back to verses 3-12?

           1b: How do verses 3-12 connect with 13-21?

2: How do you prepare your mind for action?

            2a: What kind of action are you preparing for?

3: What does it mean to be sober minded?    

4: Why do you think Peter calls us “children”?

5: What are the “former ignorances”?       

6: How do we become holy?

Conclusion: Listen again to the words of vv. 14-16. Let these words carry you the rest of the week. Constantly staying aware of the salvation that you have, be ready for immediate action. We are called to obey God’s word at a moment’s notice because that is what brings us to holiness. We are to be encouraged that holiness is what allows us to turn away from the “former ignorances” that were against God. Our God has purchased us with invaluable currency, and it is because of that cost that we are able to “set our hope fully on the grace that will be brought at the revelation of Jesus Christ.”

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Johnathon Valdez (MA in Christian Education, Dallas Theological Seminary) served for seven years as the Junior High Pastor at Central Bible Church.