Shine the Light

by Marilyn Murray on

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John 1:5

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.
JOHN 1:5

“I have prayed for years that someone would come and tell me about God.” These words spoken by an elderly woman whose hands were broken and crippled from age moved my heart. She had asked the local church in Penza, Russia to have someone visit her in her home since she was far beyond able to get out on her own.

As she struggled to pour tea for me with those crippled hands, I was struck by the enormity of this visit. Why was I there in post-communist Russia, visiting a dying woman who only wanted someone to tell her of God? God was dead in Communist Russia; at least, that is what the people were told. She cried as I told her of God’s love through Christ. Her eyes shone with joy as she told me that even in the darkest days, she knew there was a God.

We prayed and I left, running to catch the last bus back to my part of town. I have never forgotten that woman and her eyes as I assured her there is a God and He loves you deeply. What good news! I don’t know why I was the one God chose to send to answer her prayers, but what a privilege it was to get to know her for that moment. We don’t always meet someone in her desperate situation, but if we are available to God’s leading, there will be someone!

It is a special gift God gives us to allow us to minister to others. As we lean on the Lord and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, He will bring lost and hurting people who urgently need to hear of the power of God to meet their needs. So many times I have been amazed by the depth of the conversations God allows as I make myself available. Pray that God will make you available today and show you where you can shine His light. Open our eyes, Lord, to Your people. Help us be a light in the darkness.


  • Read John 16:33. When the world around us looks dark and scary, how can we have peace?

  • Since we have experienced peace through Christ, how might that allow us to minister to those still in darkness and without peace?

  • Pray: God of Light, I pray You shine Your love on me so that my life radiates Your love and grace to all those I meet. Allow me to be Your voice of truth in this dark world. Thank You, Lord and Savior, that You have overcome the darkness through your powerful love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

About the Author

Marilyn Murray has over 25 years of church staff experience serving in the areas of Biblical Counseling and Global Outreach. She is committed to supporting women in their role in the Global Church. She currently lives in Guatemala.