Next Step Journal

The Christian's Workbook for Walking the Pathway to Missional Living

by David Daniels on

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This discipleship curriculum coordinates with Next Step Discipleship to help Christians grow in spiritual maturity. Using a simple pathway—BELONG, BECOME and BEYOND—the reader learns a Bible Study method to explore the true Gospel, their spiritual story, assurance of salvation, the joy of biblical community, the importance of the church, how life transformation happens, how to use their spiritual gifts, making a difference in their neighborhood and cultivating a global outlook. The goal of this workbook is to make disciples who make disciples.

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Note: The references to Next Step Discipleship chapters and page numbers correspond to the print version of Next Step Discipleship. If you plan to read the book online rather than in print, you can click below to download a PDF that lists these references with links to the pages they correspond to. Links for Passage References in Next Step Journal

About the Author

Dr. David Daniels (D. Min. Dallas Theological Seminary, M. Div. Denver Seminary) is Lead Pastor of Central Bible Church and author of Next Step Church, Next Step Discipleship, Next Step JournalWonder, and An Unexpected King.