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The Path

by Matt Koceich on

The Lord says He will lead his children down a new path, “guiding them along an unfamiliar way,” brightening the darkness before them and smoothing out the road ahead of them. 


6 Critical Practices of a Disciple

by Jon Rhiddlehoover on

Those who have professed faith in Jesus Christ have the responsibility to live as disciples. Life as a disciple includes total devotion to Jesus, as well as Bible study, prayer, community, evangelism, and multiplication.


Next Step Journal

The Christian's Workbook for Walking the Pathway to Missional Living

by David Daniels on

A downloadable PDF copy of the Next Step Journal workbook that goes along with the book Next Step Discipleship. Based on a simple pathway—BELONG, BECOME and BEYOND—the goal of this workbook is to make disciples who make disciples.


Introduction: On the Road to Mission

Next Step Discipleship, pp. 13–19

by David Daniels on

Next Step Discipleship is an invitation for you to join a journey. To be a missional disciple is to organize your life around God’s great missional purposes. 


Next Step Discipleship

The Christian's Handbook for Walking the Pathway to Missional Living

by David Daniels on

The Christian life is a call to join God's global purposes. In this book, discover a simple spiritual pathway to lead you along the road to greater missional living.