The spiritual life in Christ is a journey out of bondage and exile into a new life of freedom and flourishing. God has a promised land prepared for His people and He invites us to walk with Him as He leads us. The book of Exodus recounts the journey of God’s people out of Egypt and toward the Promised Land. This rich narrative reveals the faithfulness of God to fight for His people and preserve them along the way. In this year-long study, we learn to leave Egypt behind and journey with God to life which is better.

This message in the "Way Out" series on Exodus focuses on Exodus 12:1-30 and the Core Competency of Salvation by Grace.

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The Passover | The Scrolls | March 27, 2022

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About the Author

Dr. David Daniels (D. Min. Dallas Theological Seminary, M. Div. Denver Seminary) is Lead Pastor of Central Bible Church and author of Next Step Church, Next Step Discipleship, Next Step JournalWonder, and An Unexpected King.