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The Rescue

by Matt Koceich on

When you’re thrown into a den of anxiety, trust that God has gone before you with a rescue plan. 


Worried? You've Got Options

by Randall Merrill on

When we worry, we are believing a lie that God is impotent and doesn’t really care anyway. But God is faithful and gives us alternatives to worry.


A Pastor’s Journey with Anxiety

by Roger Sappington on

As I’ve journeyed through various seasons with anxiety, the Lord has taught me about walking with Him through it, as well as walking alongside those who are navigating similar challenges.


Make Much of God

From Waiting with God

by Matt Koceich on

Even though everyone and everything seemed stacked against Moses, his heart changed in the waiting. When you are in the middle of the long, confusing wait, don’t forget you are loved and God is right there with you, carrying you on to kingdom-changing purposes.


Under Pressure

by Manny Fernandez on

The pressure is mounting for teens as well as adults, but God has provided ways to defuse the powder kegs of anxiety and pressure in our lives.


All Is Not Lost

by David Daniels on

This message from the "Right Side Up" series discusses worrying, with a focus on Psalm 46 and the Core Competency of Peace.