The Rescue

by Matt Koceich on

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Daniel 6:27

“He rescues and delivers; He performs signs and wonders in the heavens and on the earth.”
Daniel 6:27

Lay your distractions and worries down and believe your Heavenly Father right now, is carrying out his rescue plan for your life. He had a great rescue plan on the cross to make a way for your salvation, and he has great rescue plans for every single situation you’re in today. He cannot go back on his word, and he said it’s finished and it is. He said he would never forsake you and he won’t. 

Let’s take a look at a few rescues in the Bible to see how God moves in the lives of his children. Rehab lived in Jericho. You know the story. But a key point to revisit is how she lifted high the name of God when she first met the spies. She said, “The LORD your God is God in heaven above and on the earth below” (Joshua 2:11). Not too long afterward, Rahab and her entire family were saved when the city collapsed all around them. Soldiers rescued them from the rubble of Jericho because of the Lord’s rescue plan. 

Daniel in the lion’s den is another great rescue story that showcases God’s love for his children and his intentional love. Just like the king’s men were jealous of Daniel and made dark moves to take him out of the way, your enemy the devil is jealous of your standing as a child of God. He doesn’t want you receiving God’s unfailing love. He doesn’t want you to be lifted up. He doesn’t want you to be secure and know that your good God will never leave you alone. Just like the king had Daniel put in a den of wild animals, your enemy will try and find ways to put you in a cave of uncertainty, distractions, anxiety and constant wondering if God is really who he says he is.

Finally, in the city of Decapolis there was a man filled with unclean spirits. One day, Jesus arrived on a boat and the man ran and bowed down at the feet of his Rescuer. The interesting part of this story is the man begged Jesus to leave him alone, but while doing so called him the Son of the Most High God. The same God Rahab acknowledged and Daniel worshiped and praised, no matter if he was in the throne room of an earthly king or in the den of lions, was the same God this man made much of, too. And the Lord’s rescue plan was not only to heal the man, but to give him an eternity of his unfailing, unchanging love.

When you’re thrown into a den of anxiety, trust that God has gone before you with a rescue plan. When you’re in that enclosed space of fear, with lions of doubt surrounding you, trust that the God of the universe, your Heavenly Father , is there to rescue you. Before you ever arrived in the conflict—the very thing that sought to confuse you and tear you down—Jesus was there holding your rescue plan.

Remember, God doesn’t want you to wait for the rescue to be complete, hoping that things will be made right. He wants to be all of your hope in this moment and forever because he’s the One who saves.

Jesus, please give me hope in the middle of every storm. Please give me strength to stand with you when everything around me is falling down. In your holy name I pray. Amen.

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Matt Koceich is the 2021 Christian Book Award finalist in the Children's category and author of the IMAGINE Bible adventure series for kids. He lives in Mansfield, Texas with his wife Cindi and their four children.