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What God Hates

Staying clear of God’s righteous anger

by David Daniels on

Our heavenly Father is compassionate, gracious, patient, loving and forgiving (Exodus 34:6). God isn’t predisposed to “fly off the handle” in rage. Still, there are a few things that arouse His anger. And, as His children, we are wise to steer clear of these things.


Act Medium

by David Daniels on

This message from the “Higher Up” sermon series focuses on 1 Peter 5:1-7 and the Core Competency of Humility.



God chooses the insignificant to do significant things for his kingdom

by Braydon Rasberry on

Growing up as a pastor's kid had perks. I trusted Christ at an early age and loved growing up in the church. It wasn't until high school that my secret sin started to grow. When I realized my sin, I viewed myself as worthless. Why would God choose me to lead other people to Him?