In the darkness of night, a baby born was in a Bethlehem manger. But soon the sun would rise in the sky and the Son would rise to His place in the world bringing God’s presence, truth, hope, and purpose into the world. This Christmas, discover the beautiful brilliance of Jesus. He is the Light who has come. Celebrate Him as the Light of the world and of your life.

This message from the "Light Has Come" Christmas series focuses on John 3:1-21 and the Core Belief of Jesus Christ.

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Light of Revelation | Scrolls Bible Study | December 18, 2022


About the Author

Dr. David Daniels (D. Min. Dallas Theological Seminary, M. Div. Denver Seminary) is Lead Pastor of Central Bible Church and author of Next Step Church, Next Step Discipleship, Next Step JournalWonder, and An Unexpected King.