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Bear Cubs and Eagle's Wings

by David Daniels on

This Mother's Day message focuses on the Core Competency of Personal God and the maternal attributes of God as described in Numbers 11:12, Hosea 11:3-4, Deuteronomy 32:10-11, Hosea 13:8, and Isaiah 49:15-16.


My Perfect Place of Refuge

by Hinnan Herbert on

People may speak words of impossibility or hopelessness into your life when you need encouragement, but the Lord remains steadfast, and we can find sure refuge in Him.


The Rescue

by Matt Koceich on

When you’re thrown into a den of anxiety, trust that God has gone before you with a rescue plan. 


A Time to Lament

by Jenny Black on

When was the last time you allowed yourself to sit and linger in the depths of your sorrow? When we choose to bring our pain to God instead of trying to keep it hidden, we put our confidence in his tender care to treat our wounded souls. 


God's New Year's Resolution

by David Daniels on

God, in His providence, guides and directs us though His Word, confirming "coincidences," and spiritual leadership. This message focuses on these principles as seen through Saul's calling to be king in 1 Samuel 9-10, with the Core Competency of Personal God.


Missional God

by Roger Sappington on

This message from the "Making God Known" series focuses on Psalm 96 and the Core Competency of Personal God.


The Threshold of the House of God

by Callie Baldridge on

Sitting in the mere doorway of God's presence is far better than making a comfortable home in the midst of ungodliness. But Christians get to experience more than just the doorway of God's house. We have access to His very throne of grace.