My Perfect Place of Refuge

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Psalm 11:1–2

The Sinai Rosefinch is a resilient songbird that calls the harsh desert mountain its home. But life in these unforgiving territories is not without challenges. When predators lurk nearby, threatening the serenity of its rocky abode, the Sinai Rosefinch takes refuge from its enemies by fleeing to the mountains.

In Psalm 11, while David’s predators were plotting to ambush and hunt him, he boldly declared, “In the LORD I have taken shelter” (Psalm 11:1a, NET). His friends advised him proverbially, urging him to “flee to the mountain like a bird,” a well-known maxim in ancient times often spoken to those facing imminent attack and feeling helpless. The mountains of Judah provided refuge with their numerous caves, steep cliffs, and inaccessible rocks, serving as sanctuaries for the persecuted. However, their advice amazed David, as it seemed to elevate his enemies’ power to harm him above the Lord’s ability to protect him. He vehemently exclaimed, “How can you say to me, ‘Flee to the mountain like a bird” (Psalm 11:1b, NET)!

Have you ever had friends or family members who spoke words of impossibility and hopelessness into your life when you needed their encouragement? In times when you had a bad medical report, a broken relationship, or needed to believe in the Lord’s provision for your family or education—they challenged your faith and loyalty to the Lord.

But David’s trust remained steadfast, unaffected by the fearful advice of his friends nor his trust rested in his own ability to combat his enemies. Instead, he declared his determination to take shelter in the Lord. David believed that the Lord’s ability to protect His chosen one surpasses the mountain’s ability to hide a helpless bird. He wouldn't need to flee. And even if he saw himself as a helpless bird, God would be like a protective mother bird, sheltering him under His wings from the storms of his life (Psalm 61:4).

The location of David’s shelter lies in the Lord. His shelter stands reliable, immovable, and unshakeable (Psalm 61:3, Joel 3:16). How awesome is it to take shelter in the glorious, manifested presence of the Lord, knowing everything exists in His control (Isaiah 4:6, Isaiah 25:4)!

Prayer: LORD, I praise you for your loving embrace in my brokenness and hopelessness. Your Word continually uplifts my faith and enables me to enjoy my relationship with you, even amidst crises. Thank you!

Key verse: “In the LORD I have taken shelter. How can you say to me, “Flee to a mountain like a bird”! (Psalm 11:1, NET)

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Hinnan Herbert is pursuing a Th.M. at Dallas Theological Seminary, focusing on Old Testament studies. He works as an Accounting Clerk at the Dallas Seminary Foundation.